"We work in the background so you can be in the foreground of your patient's care."

Hospital and health system pharmacies rely on Pharmfusion to:

  • plan, develop, and execute
  • medication management programs
  • medication safety and regulatory compliance initiatives
  • quality assurance and improvement measures
  • general project management

Drawing on clinical and management expertise, we achieve this mission through the development of relationships with our clients, helping to ensure goals are met.

Pharmfusion is available to help with the large, intensive projects as well as small, quarterly or one time consulting projects. If you find your organization with the greatest of intentions, but find projects slipping further down the "to do" list, consider Pharmfusion before your great ideas drop off the list completely!


  • Project Management
  • Medication Safety
  • Quality Assurance
  • Sterile Compounding
  • Pharmacy Technician Integration
  • Educational Programming